Boosting Your Brain Focus With One Simple Trick

In this post I’m going to talk about the number one brain focus tip

If you have any lack of focus or brain fog, this is for you

Any of these symptoms is in relation to blood sugar. When the blood sugars are high, you have a whole series of symptoms in this case cognitive function in the brain.

When the blood sugars go low you have a whole series of additional symptoms that can occur

So high blood sugar, this would mainly be diabetics or prediabetics. They would experience the following:

  • Brain Fog
  • Headaches
  • Memory Problems
  • Decreased Vision
  • Absent Mindedness
  • Drowsy

Mainly this would be; being sleepy and wanting to take naps all the time.

Try going to school and study when your blood sugars are high. It is going to be nearly impossible

Now diabetics can suffer from low and high blood sugars depending on whether they are taking their medication and it drops too low

Low blood sugar symptoms:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Nervous
  • Irritable
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • OCD

I would say that about 50% of psychiatrists use is related to blood sugars but they never take into consideration the blood sugar issue at all and instead put patients on medications unfortunately

But this really does affect the brain, as the brain needs fuel, it can run on sugars but it can also run on ketones. But the point is that blood sugar issues are related to consuming too much sugar, refined carbohydrates.

The worst thing that a diabetic could do is have five small meals a day and spread out and have snacks because every time you eat you spike insulin.

So insulin is the issue and there’s a condition called insulin resistance if you are into health and fitness you may be aware of this term in regards to fat loss and putting on muscle

Here’s the interesting situation, the fact is there are commercials on TV where people are tired and are consuming an energy drink or a candy bar. All this is doing is creating a minute spike in insulin and boom next couple of minutes you end up with brain fog

So what happens is over time when you have this blood sugar spike. The door that opens the blood sugar into the brain is insulin (that’s the hormone that regulates the sugar) and that door become resistant to sugar thus you need more and more sugar to get the same effect.

The point is over time your brain becomes less sharp more foggy and it becomes more sensitive to sugar, you might not connect the dots at first. You just go along eating your regular things day to day and you suddenly wonder why you’re constantly losing concentration and cognitive function

So I’m going to show you how to get it back and fast.

It’s the simplest thing but you really need to realize that it is a blood sugar problem even though it might not show up on a blood test and that’s probably why when you eat sugar you feel better temporarily but then you crash and burn

Your brain would be much better if it ran on a different fuel source and that called ketones. To do this you have to drop your sugars way down and as close to zero as possible.

You would compensate by adding a little bit more fat. But over time the consumption of excess sugar and refined carbs will decrease oxygen to the brain. That’s probably one of the reasons why when you exercise you might feel better with your blood sugars because you got receive a surge of oxygen and it helps to temporarily adjust your blood sugars

Also over time the brain atrophies with too much sugar. When I broke my arm and I was in hospital, you can’t eat before surgery for a period of time prior, so I was starving on the day.

So I get the surgery and then I wake up and what do the have to eat? Of course they have jello, crackers, and yoghurt. Just loaded with sugar. Obviously I ate and I had a hell of a crash after that.

So it’s obvious that people in this situation have a lot of issues with going to the hospital and trying to get healthy

So sugar starves your brain of fuel over time because you’ll develop a condition called insulin resistance. What you want to do is several things, you’ve got to

Cut out the sugar this includes honey, sweets, etc

Stop snaking between meals

These are the most important regardless of what else you eat

What I usually do is in the morning I don’t eat unless I’m hungry. Eg this morning I didn’t eat until 10am. Why?

Because if you eat when you’re not hungry you’ll spike insulin and then all of a sudden it’ll come down again and you’re going to be craving sugar again.

So right now as of writing it’s about 2pm so I won’t eat till about 3:30pm and will only have two meals a day and I can do quite well on that. But the point is you don’t want to eat when you’re not hungry.

When you eat make sure to have protein, healthy fat and a lot of healthy greens like salads or vegetables. You don’t want to do refined grains.

What also kills people is going out to restaurants too often. All the time when you go out you will find that they will bring out the bread and they put it right in front of your face. When you get there you’re already hungry so it really tempting to get into that. Then you have deserts, wine etc

It’s also bad because your blood sugars are in control. And when your blood sugars are low you’re not in your right mind and your not going to be as rational or disciplined as you would normally.

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