Can Listening to Binaural Beats Increase Estrogen?

In recent years, listening to binaural beats has proven to be an effective method of reducing stress and anxiety while also boosting meditation and focus. But where exactly do the benefits of listening to binaural beats end? Some binaural beats advocates suggest that listening to binaural beats can actually play a role in hormone management, particularly estrogen.

So, can listening to binaural beats increase estrogen? If done properly, listening to binaural beats has the potential to manipulate the functioning of certain portions of the brain, specifically those that are responsible for hormone control. While there are currently no scientific studies that prove a direct connection between binaural beats and increased levels of estrogen, there is a strong possibility that the release of this hormone may be affected by listening to binaural beats. As of now, there’s no proof either way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to achieve this desired effect by being strategic.

Before delving into the effects of listening to binaural beats on estrogen levels, it’s important to have a general understanding of what estrogen is and the role meditation may play in affecting its release. In this first section, we will go over just that.

The Relationship Between Estrogen and Binaural Beats

Let’s go over what estrogen is first. In short, estrogen is the female sex hormone. It’s responsible for initiating female development, regulating the menstrual cycle, and preparing the body for upcoming pregnancy.

The release of estrogen within the body typically occurs within the ovaries, but recent evidence reveals that the portion of the brain called the hypothalamus may also play a pivotal role in estrogen production. Because binaural beats affect the functioning of several parts of the brain, this opens the door to future research regarding the role of meditation in hormone release.

The Role of Hormones in Meditation

Scientists have already confirmed the connection between listening to binaural beats and altered levels of DHEA, melatonin, and cortisol within the body. The explanations for these effects are relatively simple. Take a look.

  • DHEA: Also called dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA is a hormone responsible for producing larger amounts of other hormones, particularly testosterone and estrogen. By boosting DHEA levels within the brain, you’re stimulating the release of more estrogen. To experience a boost in DHEA and thus a boost in estrogen, your best bet would be to listen to binaural beats that boost delta wave activity within the brain (1-4 Hz).
  • Melatonin: This hormone is also able to be supplemented over-the-counter, but it’s most commonly associated with the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. Because of its connection to sleep, melatonin is more likely to be released as a result of listening to delta waves, which are most prevalent in states of deep sleep.
  • Cortisol: When cortisol is released in the brain, both the body and brain experience an overwhelming feeling of stress. Stress levels can be directly targeted by listening to binaural beats within the theta (4-8 Hz) and alpha (8-13 Hz) frequencies. By reducing levels of stress within the body, you’d also be reducing cortisol levels simultaneously.

By practicing meditation, specifically with binaural beats, you have the ability to affect the release of certain hormones within your body. However, this is only possible when consciously selecting tracks that target the brainwaves specifically associated with hormone release.

Setting an Intention for Your Meditation

As we mentioned previously, there needs to be some sort of intent when meditating in order to achieve your intended results. For reference, here are some health and wellness goals you may have and which frequency ranges to target for each.

  • Increase estrogen: Delta frequencies (1-4 Hz)
  • Improve sleep quality: Delta frequencies (1-4 Hz)
  • Boost mood: Alpha frequencies (8-13 Hz)
  • Improve focus and motivation: Beta frequencies (14-30 Hz)
  • Experience deep meditation: Theta frequencies (4-8 Hz)
  • Decrease anxiety: Theta frequencies (4-8 Hz)
  • Reduce stress: Alpha and theta frequencies (4-13 Hz)

There’s a lot of science behind each type of brainwave and the effects that their activation has on the body and mind. To reap the most relevant benefits, you need to consciously select binaural beats tracks that circle in on your intended goals.

How to Use Binaural Beats to Increase Estrogen

As we just mentioned, listening to binaural beats within delta frequencies has the ability to alter the production and release of hormones like estrogen as a result of the release of DHEA. While that information is great to know, there’s much more you need to consider to gain the most benefit.

Most particularly, you need to know how often you should listen to binaural beats for the optimal effect and generally how long the effects will last. Otherwise, your best guess is as good as any.

How often should I listen to binaural beats for optimum effect?

No matter what your health and wellness goals are, the most important concept to abide by is remaining consistent. Doing something once or for a few days can provide some benefit, but ultimately creating a habit boosts the potential of long-term positive health effects.

When it comes to the positive effects of binaural beats, the general recommendation is to listen to binaural beats once a day for 30 minutes at a time. If your intended goal is to adjust hormone levels within the body, it might take several weeks or months to experience the full impact.

How long will the effects last?

As we just touched on in the last question, the effects all depend on your habit and consistency. For something as major as hormone level adjustment, the results are likely to last as long as you’re continuing with your practice.

If you were to suddenly stop listening to the binaural beats in the delta range, your body and mind would eventually become accustomed to not listening to the beats. At that point, your body’s estrogen levels would begin to revert back to their normal values.

Other Ways to Boost Estrogen

If boosting your estrogen is your major health goal here, there are other methods you can use in addition to binaural beats in order to raise your estrogen levels more effectively. Here are some foods that can prove beneficial to increase estrogen in the body.

  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Soy products
  • Flaxseeds

Keep in mind that while you may want to boost your estrogen levels and experience the positive effects of having more estrogen available in the body, it does come with some health risks. In fact, having too much estrogen in your body can lead to unfavorable physical symptoms and the development of conditions like cancer, stroke, and greater risk for blood clots.

To safely increase your estrogen levels, we suggest having your levels tested by your doctor to guarantee that you’re within a safe range.


If you’re looking to increase estrogen levels within your body, it’s possible to address this issue by strategically listening to binaural beats. However, there’s a particular method you must follow in order to experience the greatest amount of benefits. Here’s a list of tips for using binaural beats to improve estrogen levels.

  • Listen to binaural beats within the delta range to encourage the production of DHEA and estrogen.
  • Develop a habit where you’re listening to binaural beats at a delta frequency for 30 minutes on a daily basis.
  • Eat a diet rich in nutrients that are associated with an increase in estrogen levels.


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