Can Listening to Binaural Beats Open the Third Eye/Pineal Gland?

Can Listening to Binaural Beats Open the Third Eye/Pineal Gland?

It’s become apparent in recent years that binaural beats have the ability to impact the release of hormones and chemicals within the body. Due to these impressive results, activists have become increasingly curious about what other results binaural beats can produce. In particular, those seeking spiritual release through meditation tactics have wondered about the connection between binaural beats and the opening of the third eye.

So, can listening to binaural beats open the third eye/pineal gland? Because of their effects on hormone and chemical release, binaural beats definitely have the potential to activate the pineal gland (AKA, open the third eye). With that said, this isn’t a common effect of listening to binaural beats and it requires some additional focus and effort to guarantee the opening of the third eye. In order to produce this result, you need to listen to binaural beats a bit more deliberately.

Opening the third eye sounds cool and exciting, but you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you do it. In this first section, we will go over what the third eye is and the benefits and side effects of awakening it.

The Third Eye

It’s very possible that you’ve heard of the third eye before. But, you probably don’t know much about it unless you’ve intentionally done a bit of research. Once you understand what the third eye is, you can begin the process of actually opening it.

Just like anything, opening the third eye comes with a list of benefits and side effects that can affect everybody differently. It’s important that you fully understand the benefits and risks before officially deciding to pursue opening your third eye.

What is the third eye?

The third eye is a hypothetical eye that’s located between the two eyebrows, often referred to as the brow chakra. When opening the third eye, you’re transporting yourself to a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment that’s often considered life-changing.

Opening the third eye requires intent. That means you need to focus on opening your third eye and practice the skills associated with an opened third eye. Not everybody is capable of making such a commitment, but those who have would agree that’s it’s definitely worth it.

What are the benefits of opening the third eye?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know a little bit about the benefits of opening your third eye. But it helps to know all the positive benefits you’ll experience to help push you in the right direction. Here are some of the major benefits you can expect.

  • Increased levels of enlightenment and intuition
  • A sense of serenity and peace
  • Entry into a higher level of consciousness
  • Greater insight into the past, present, and even the future
  • It can affect the alignment of your other chakras
  • Boost in focus and creativity

Overall, opening your third eye will change you as a person, but mostly for the better. If you’re able to complete this highly difficult task, you’ll be entering into a realm you wouldn’t otherwise know exists.

What are the side effects of opening my third eye?

While opening your third eye comes with loads of spiritual and mental benefits, there are some real risks associated with opening your third eye. Here is a brief list of some of the negative side affects you might experience.

  • Difficulty differentiating between what’s real and what’s not
  • Trouble maintaining emotions and thoughts
  • Nightmares and troubled thoughts
  • Sensitivity to light

If you happen to experience any of these unfavorable side effects, you need to consider how important it is to you that you open your third eye. Opening your third eye comes with a lot of power and responsibility and it’s totally reasonable to be unprepared to accept such a role.

Binaural Beats & The Third Eye

The process of opening your third eye is rather difficult and many fail at the task because of the amount of dedication and focus it requires. However, there are ways to make your attempt more successful and lead you to the state of enlightenment that you’ve been chasing.

One of the most efficient ways of opening your third eye is by using binaural beats as a tool to help get you there. In addition to a special binaural beats frequency that’s proven to help to open the third eye, there are also several other methods outside of binaural beats that can help you reach this goal.

How can you use binaural beats to open your third eye?

That’s simple.

Listening to binaural beats has the ability to impact the functioning of several parts of your brain. Because the third eye is associated with the pineal gland, you can intentionally listen to binaural beats that affect this part of the brain.

You’re probably wondering the best way to use binaural beats to activate the pineal gland.

The answer is focusing on the deltatheta, and gamma frequencies. By listening to binaural beats in these frequency ranges, you’re more likely to experience positive effects, specifically those connected to the opening of the third eye.

While listening to binaural beats, you need to focus on deep breathing, visualization, and the concept of enlightenment. This will help you reach your goal sooner and achieve a more positive mental state.

What is the third eye frequency?

While delta, theta, and gamma frequencies are all proven to be effective at helping to open your third eye, gamma frequencies are most important.

At 30+ Hz, these frequencies are considered the unofficial “third eye frequency.” In fact, many online sources have frequencies well over 900 Hz. Your best bet would be to test out several of these tracks and see if they have any effect on your third eye.

There are plenty of binaural beats tracks online that focus on gamma frequencies, but you should keep in mind that it can be dangerous to consistently listen to sounds of this magnitude. Short-term effects include dizziness and headache while long-term effects can be as severe as permanent hearing loss.

On the side of caution when listening to very high-frequency sounds you should immediately stop if you’re experiencing negative side effects.

What are some other ways to open your third eye?

There’s much more that goes into opening your third eye than simply listening to sounds and practicing meditation. You also need to improve the overall quality of your life, focus on positivity, remove negativity, and seek a sense of serenity.

This is made possible through positive health habits like practicing yoga, exercising on a consistent basis, and eating a healthy diet of vegetables.

Opening your third eye is a life choice and there’s a lot of work that goes into it. You need to be willing to put in the effort in order to see the result you’re looking for.


Opening your third eye can lead you to an incredible state that combines enlightenment, insight, and wisdom. It’s truly a life-changing experience and can drastically change the course of your life for the better. However, opening your third eye is not an easy task and requires incredible motivation and focus to do so.

Here are some tips for opening your third eye.

  • Practice meditation and deep breathing techniques.
  • Listen to binaural beats at the third eye frequency (30+ Hz).
  • Encourage the opening of your third eye by practicing yoga, exercising, and eating clean.


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