Can Nootropics Help with Hangovers?

Hangovers are a pretty common phenomenon, especially among college students and young adults. After a night out drinking and having fun with friends or random strangers (sometimes), the next morning holds very little to be desired. Oftentimes, the hangovers that follow a night of very heavy drinking can be very painful and uncomfortable only for you to go right back out as soon as you recover.

Don’t worry, there’s no judgement here, I understand a few indulgences here and there adds a spice to life. For very frequent party goers, the ultimate cure for hangovers is the holy grail of night life.

Hangovers are caused by the accumulation of acetaldehyde in your  body after a night of intense alcohol and drug use. The human body is designed to only handle so much. A certain level of drug and alcohol use will take a toll on your body in the morning, it is almost impossible to just shrug it off and return to performing normal daily function like nothing happened.

There have been several suggestions as to what can serve as a cure for hangovers or reduce the uncomfortable effects of hangovers. So far, fruit juices, pain killers, food, and drinking alka-seltzer are some of the most popular ways people handle their hangovers.

Often regarded as magical cognitive enhancers, nootropics have for a long time been the answer for many when it came to brain boosting. As a result, nootropics have also been studied for their ability to relieve the effects of hangovers.

Although nootropics are not believed to directly cure hangovers, its ability to reduce the symptoms associated with hangovers are noteworthy.

There are several nootropics like N-acetylcysteine or NAC that are taken before a busy night out begins in order to minimize the effect of alcohol and drug use. A few other nootropics like noopept are known to offer some relief against hangovers the next morning.

Will Nootropics “cure” a Hangover?

In order to determine if nootropics can really cure hangovers, we need to understand what exactly goes on during a hangover and why it makes you feel absolutely terrible. For alcohol hangovers, ethanol, which is the main ingredient in most alcoholic beverages, can become extremely saturated in your body and begin a conversion process into acetaldehyde. An accumulation of this acetaldehyde in your liver, which is much more acetaldehyde build up than your liver can eliminate, can lead to acetaldehyde poisoning.

You might be wondering, what is so special about acetaldehyde? Well, acetaldehyde is one of the main substances responsible for the nausea, dehydration, headaches and mild fever symptoms you might experience during a hangover… sounds familiar?

The bad news is, there is no magic fix. Sadly, no single drug or substance can give you an immediate relief or fix when you are suffering from the symptoms of a hangover. Although drinking plenty of water, rest and eating nutritious food will help you alleviate the symptoms faster, nootropics also have a major role to play in symptom relief.

Will Nootropics give you energy during a hangover?

For those of us familiar with hangovers, you will admit that it is one of the most draining and soul sucking experiences you can ever imagine. When you are hung over, your energy level is depleted and that causes you to feel ill. You may just want to lie in bed with the covers over your face and sleep all day, if that was possible. Over the years, energy boosters for hangovers have become a real topic among party folks. The search for substances that can actively boost your energy during a hangover has led to increased conversations around nootropics. Can nootropics give you an energy boost during a hangover or is it just all in your head?

Most energy sapping hangovers are as a result of mental lag and fatigue from the built-up acetaldehyde. Addressing the mental fatigue will give you an overall energy boost, and that is the specialty of most nootropics. Taking nootropics for energy during a hangover will result in some level of success as these cognitive enhancers can improve brain energy and power without the use of artificial stimulants.

How do Nootropics help your brain?

There is a constant pressure to stay ahead. People need solutions to keeping the mind alert, enhancing focus and concentration and boosting brain power. For some others, it is the need to rest. This has led to increased use of Nootropics. Although yet to be approved by the FDA, nootropics have gained increased attention in recent time.

This is especially due to their ability to offer your brain a boost and as a result give you an edge on your way to success. Additionally, these brain boosters may help your brain retain memory, improve its attention span and focus, as well as keep your brain sharp even in old age.

Protecting your brain

Maintaining optimum brain health is absolutely important in order for you to function at your highest level. There is surplus potential in nootropics when it comes to keeping your brain healthy and sharp even for the long term. In addition to boosting brain energy, there are numerous ways in which nootropics can protect your brain. Firstly, nootropics are largely studied for their role in the prevention and management of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Also, nootropics protect brain cells from various types of damage and degeneration that result from brain lag and cognitive decline.

What are the best Nootropics for a hangover?

There are several ways in which nootropics can positively affect hangovers, a few of them include;

  • Increasing energy level for focus and concentration.
  • Increasing antioxidant level in the body to tackle oxidative stress.
  • Helping to regulate stress hormone pathways in order to reduce stress levels.
  • Replenishing important brain chemicals, and many more.

Here are a few nootropics to ensure you have stocked up before your next night out with friends.

1.    Noopept.

When you think of nootropics that are currently making waves in the market, you think of noopept. It is popularly taken before drinking in order to reduce the symptoms of the next morning hangover.

2.    Magnesium.

This micronutrient is a necessity for your body to regulate several processes. Drinking too much alcohol can deplete your magnesium level through urination and this may cause several side effects. To prevent this, you should take magnesium supplements just before you venture out for drinks and afterwards. Additionally, magnesium helps in the metabolism of alcohol by means of alcohol dehydrogenase; an enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

3.    L-Theanine.

One of the most popular cures for hangovers is a good cup of coffee. In order to get best results it is advisable to pair that cup of coffee with L-theanine. The two have a synergistic relationship and when taken together can improve concentration and focus. L-theanine ensures you do not get overstimulated by the coffee while trying to reduce your level of alcohol toxicity.

4.    NAC.

N-acetyl L-cysteine is not only used to counter acetaminophen (paracetamol) overdose in hospitals, it can also be used in a process to eliminate acetaldehyde from the body much quicker than usual. This antioxidant helps by increasing the production of Glutathione, which in turn binds to acetaldehyde and eliminates it from the body.

5.    Citicoline.

There are many benefits you can obtain from using choline sources for a hangover. One of such benefits is in the formation and storage of memories. After a night of heavy drinking, your memory might lag or be disrupted, citicoline may come in handy then. There are also studies that state that a high level of choline in your body might reduce your urge to drink or use drugs.

6.    B-Vitamins.

It is no news that alcohol overdose can cause a depletion of vitamin B in the body. This can result in a bad mood and make you unhealthy. It is important to ensure your vitamin B levels are not depleted as a lot of biological processes could be affected.

Why you should not mix Nootropics and alcohol

Now it may sound counterintuitive to not mix nootropics with alcohol as I have mentioned that some people do take noopept and other supplements prior to drinking, however more harsh prescription nootropics like modafinil should never be mixed with alcohol

When it comes to mixing nootropics with alcohol, you can never be too safe. Every nootropic drug or substance available interacts specifically with alcohol, quite different from each other, so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Alcohol is a very strong stimulant, and it interacts with just about every single part of the human body. This includes the entire brain and central nervous system. The activity of nootropics also involves the brain and, by extension, other systems in the body. By changing the amounts of vital brain chemicals, nootropics are able to elicit several strong responses in the body. Mixing these two could have unprecedented consequences, and should be avoided.


Although the best cure for a hangover would be to avoid excess drinking, nootropics are gradually proving to be what might just be needed to suppress that dreaded headache and feeling in the morning. It can help reduce painful symptoms. Pairing nootropics with activities like drinking sufficient water, eating healthy foods and taking adequate rest will get you back on your feet faster than you can imagine.

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