Can you play games while listening to subliminals?

Subliminals are produced at below-human-conscious-perceptible frequency. This is just a more complicated way of saying they are inaudible to fully conscious people, while on the other hand, they speak loudly to the unconscious mind.

Since subliminals are speaking directly to you subconcious it will not distract your conscious mind while playing, which makes listening to subliminals while gaming a great way to improve your mood and give you an increased focus to win while playing.

The benefits of subliminals are highly sought after for improved focus, improved confidence, improved mental health, as well as meeting work, personal and financial goals. There are also indications that subliminals have proven effective for quitting bad habits and adopting good and beneficial ones. So, actually, the real question is, will listening to subliminals make you a better gamer. I will outline some reasons this may be largely possible as we progress.

How using subliminal could improve focus

Subliminals have quite a lot of benefits, but some of them as they relate to this topic have to do with its focus and concentration improvement capacity and its role as a brainwave accelerator. Improving your focus and concentration usually requires some dedicated time and effort. However, using a subliminal message for improving concentration will raise your capacity to concentrate in a gradual and effective process.

Listening to the concentration subliminal will improve your focus and concentration and invariably improve your performance. They help to reinforce your memory and improve your focus, and this whole improvement process usually goes undetected by the listener. It eliminates negative thoughts and feedback, while also diminishing the mental hindrances, blocks and self-imposed limitations. This subconscious reprogramming produces any number of positive results even if used while sleeping, playing, reading, working or driving.

The relaxing music and the message instructed subliminally, which is relatively made inaudible to a conscious mind, travels through your subconscious mind to cause some changes and alter your brain waves. The brain receives, decodes and accepts these messages, trainings and positive reinforcements. Ultimately, this process can make you a great gamer.

Why you should listen to subliminals before playing games/tournaments

Like we have already established, other activities can be carried out when listening to subliminal messages or words of affirmations. However, some subliminal producers will warn that you should only carry out activities that do not require extreme focus from your end and will not end up hurting you.

There is no doubt that subliminals have the capacity to alter brain waves and to improve your concentration and focus. Gamers and tournament players can benefit greatly from these features and benefits if harnessed and utilized properly. Gaming tournaments usually require a lot of high-stake concentration and focus. Using subliminal messages to increase your concentration capacity will not be the worst idea and it will also greatly improve your chances of winning.

Another benefit of listening to subliminals before playing a game or a tournament is that it could also improve your gaming skills tremendously. There are several gaming subliminals you can listen to for this effect and they promise to make you a gaming pro within a short time. However, if we were to veer from the obvious effect of gaming subliminals making you a gaming pro, we would still have to circle back to the fact that two of the many benefits of a subliminal is to;

  1. Improve your concentration and focusing skills
  2. Alter your brain waves and speak to your subconscious in order to effect some physical changes to the listener.

These benefits, even without investing heavily on specific gaming subliminals, are sure to greatly improve your winning streak when it comes to gaming and tournaments. You will be able to block out the external and even your own internal noise and concentrate fully on the game. You will maintain a positive, winning attitude towards the game without any form of distraction. It will also boost your memory capacity to remember every detail you need to remember in order to win. Subliminal messages will speak to your subconscious mind, informing you that you are already a winner and you should act like it. It will inform you that you have all that it takes to win and you need not be afraid.

These messages will carry on to your conscious mind with your change in attitude and your consciousness will not be able to put up any resistance to it because it doesn’t know where this new information is coming from and then it thinks it is innate and we are more likely to believe something that we think or believe we came up with on our own. This winning positive mindset and attitude, coupled with your concentration and memory power will make you play with a new found confidence you may find strange, which will, in turn, skyrocket your chances of winning the game.

How subliminals help to reprogram your brain

Just in case you didn’t know, Yes; your brain can be reprogrammed. If you pay close attention you will notice that your thoughts and beliefs impact your life one way or another, either positively or negatively. The mind or brain power is generically divided into the subconscious and the conscious part. Like I mentioned before, the conscious part is responsible for all the decision making and critical thinking. However, it has been said that the conscious mind only lay claim to about 5% of our brain power (that is still being debated) while our subconscious takes up the bulk. Even though it is generally referred to as the subconscious mind, it is also responsible for programming emotional reactions into cellular memory.

This essentially is what determines our habits, thought processes and even behavior. A lot of us concentrate on improving our conscious mind, which is not a bad decision in itself but we end up neglecting our subconscious, leaving all of those untapped wealth to rot. If you intend to lead a life of success or to change certain habits or behavior, then you need to learn to speak to your subconscious mind. Bringing it home to this article, if you intend to be a better gamer/pro gamer or just generally improve your winning or success streak, then you definitely want to improve your subconscious interaction.

There are 3 common methods your brain can be reprogrammed using subliminals.

1.    Infuse subliminals into your daily routine

These messages could be passed through audio or visual outlets, but audio messages are a bit more popular. In order to adopt a new habit or drop an old one, your subconscious first has to be spoken to, either visually or auditory. Whether you know it or not, most of our actions are guided by feelings, emotions, thoughts and perceptions. Guess who encodes your emotional reactions on a cellular level; that’s right- your subconscious mind. Our lives are ruled by the subconscious! To change anything or to improve anything we have to start from the subconscious, and subliminal messages are a great way to do just that.

2.    Explore positive words of affirmation

Positive words of affirmation are great ways to boost your confidence level, reduce or eliminate fear, self-doubt and self-limitation. It is basically a great tool to reprogram your brain for success and winning. Hundreds of subliminal messages are encoded with words of affirmation and they have changed a lot of lives for the better. It improves your mood and energy level and gifts you with a healthy life.

3.    Creative visualization, meditation and reflection

Like the heading implies, this is simply being mindful and meditative. It is also important to practice self-reflection and creative visualization of the habits or life style changes you wish to see manifested in your own life. Some people refer to this as positive constructive daydreaming.

These are all great tools to help in reprogramming your brain to see the results and achieve the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

How often you should listen to subliminals for maximum benefits

Despite the many benefits subliminals stand to give its users, some people have reservations about its usage. A subliminal message can be inculcated into daily routine but it is advisable to follow the instructions of whatever subliminal product you purchase and use. Some subliminal messages are instructed not to be played in a loop, but to be used for about 2-3 hours at night. Meanwhile, there are some others that do not have restrictions.

It is generally believed that maximum benefit can be achieved after about 4 weeks of daily consistent usage. Please note that effects will vary from one user to the next.

Final Thoughts…

Pro gaming requires lots of focus and attention, and these are some of the benefits you can derive from listening to the right dose of subliminals at the right time of the day.

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