Do Subliminals Work?

Do Subliminals Work?Do Subliminals Work?

People of this day and age are constantly surrounded by subliminal messaging, but the weird part is that only some of us are aware of the fact. Whether you like it or not, subliminals can influence your decision making. So, you will be wondering by now what are subliminals all about?

Subliminals are basically a type of audio at a level of sound that one cannot hear when conscious. Only the subconscious mind can perceive it. You can also refer it as affirmations that pass through the superficial and dive straight into the other layers of the conscious mind.

So, do subliminals work? In most aspects yes, they do work. They have been used in advertising for a number of years to help influence the way we make purchases in our day-to-day life and people also use them to enhance their lives by using them as affirmations and for self-hypnosis.

These are usually layered and embedded deep beneath audio tracks. So, if you want to know about subliminals and how they can influence your life, keep reading as we explore in this article, let’s get deep into it.

Do Subliminals on YouTube Work?

Yes, Subliminals do work on YouTube but not all are created equally. One has to adhere to all the necessary instructions. The problem lies that no one knows who made them, why they made them, and how they made them.

There are plenty of YouTube videos with a wide range of Subliminals on the platform.  While a few are amazing, others are quite poor in their recordings. Most of them are actually a video with no subliminals whatsoever.

It is nearly impossible to know what kind of affirmations a subliminal contains. Many found are videos that just repeat for a innumerable amount of times how consumers “should purchase a particular product” which is very misleading so you should practice caution when using unknown/unverifiable YouTube channels.

As you already know, it really depends on how well one can record and use Subliminals. Most of the posted ones that have audio Subliminals in the background. This is actually a much better way when you compare it to making visual Subliminals.

The visual Subliminals are very popular for flashing a definite message on the screen for a short period, say a fraction of second. The issue is you have to look at the screen with intent and cannot bat your eyelid under any circumstances. While this is great for the maker since it may get views, it does not generate any substantial outcome for the user.

Are they worth watching?

The videos with Subliminals on YouTube lose a lot of their integrity. Or, in other words, because YouTube compresses the videos before uploading, it results in poor quality. This decreases the overall effectiveness to a great extent.

Now the person uploading the video has no obligation to the viewers. Yes, he or she must make the title and the trailer very good but then they may just put up a blank video or no subliminals. This happens frequently on YouTube.

If you are wondering whether the Subliminals show the affirmations recordings or not, then, they usually don’t, at least as per the analyzed ones. Now all the Subliminals are obviously not bad. You just need to be patient and keep looking for the good and reputable ones.

What are Subliminal Messages?

Whoever described subliminal in the first place must be put into the firing lines because the definition paved the way for a wide range of interpretations, and mostly all of them are wrong. Well, this section may clear all of your doubts.

Subliminal messages are basically stimuli that lie below the threshold of our conscious awareness. They fall under the category of ATL or Absolute Threshold Level where human beings cannot perceive a stimuli message even when specifically, and thoroughly looking for it.

This is important. A large number of individuals tend to forget the difference between subliminal and subconscious influences. One should not use these concepts  interchangeably.

Studies have shown that subliminal messages are of three types namely,

  • The sub visual messages are visual cues that you can see for one millisecond or so, hence, you cannot perceive them.
  • The subaudible messages are audio cues of extremely low volume. One can incorporate it in a loud audio source like a song.
  • Backmasking is audio record messages in backwards so that when you play it in a normal way, you will get hidden messages.

People admitted noticing subliminal messages in movies, music, and advertisements. It is an intriguing concept but unfortunately, most of the cases were coincidental. You tend to find meaning in everything that you observe for a prolonged period. Also, many examples weren’t subliminal in the first place. The cues were supraliminal inside a visual.

Are Subliminals Dangerous?

If one does not script a particular subliminal program properly, it can generate undesirable, unintended, and unforeseen results. This occurs primarily because any conscious personality takes into account, praises, and forms data exclusively contrary to whatever the subliminal personality does. If the maker fails to see how different the stated two layers are in terms of preparation, comprehension, and reaction, the content will not be believed to be safe.

The professionals generally prescribe that in case you feel sad, peevish, or discouraged, you must closely observe the emotions and analyze them to detect their severity. If you find they are dangerous in any way, please quit using the program right away. The reactions will fade quite quickly.

Brainwave Meditation

By using some sounds, one can attain the deep yet loose state of personality while contemplating. This state is the alpha state, and at a more profound and a deeper level, you get to the theta state. The makers of the brainwave meditation generally explain it as an alternative way of experiencing Zen-like contemplation.

Dangers of Brainwave Meditation

Brainwave mediation is highly dangerous for individuals suffering from heart disorders, epilepsy, seizures, and many more. Pregnant women are also facing a threat. You must not listen to Subliminals while doing tasks that require utmost concentration such as driving or operating heavy machinery. This is because the sounds can change your mental state. The age factor is also important. These tracks are not at all appropriate for people who are not yet 18 years old.

The Digital Drug

Many websites offer programs of brainwave entertainment by making it a substitute for medications. But, it is also responsible for causing hallucinations. As the sounds are capable of altering awareness, the individuals are constantly utilizing them for entering a trance-like state. People can also have encounters that they can usually experience by using drugs such as LSD.

More Side-effects

When listening to subliminal sounds, you may feel shivering, agony, warmth, teary eyes, and general exhaustion. In more serious cases, you can have cerebral pains, mental weakness, anxiety, and depression.

Are the Effects of Subliminals Permanent?

Subliminals can re-program and change the beliefs if you keep up the consistency in your belief system. It is not quite easy to alter a belief until you do something. So, yes, the effects of Subliminals are permanent as long as you do not make any attempt to alter it.

How Long Do Subliminals Take To Work?

There is no fixed time that how long the Subliminals take to work. There are instances when the Subliminals take a few days, and some say that it takes about several months. Actually, the Subliminals take the time depending upon the person who is using them. However, as per the general rule, it takes up to 26-30 days to make permanent changes to the subconscious mind’s belief system. After multiple experiments, scientists now believe that within 26 to 30 days, Subliminals will start to take its effects.

It also depends on the person’s resistance to change. If you want to re-program the subconscious mind, it needs repetition. You can do it either by the positive affirmations, mainly through writing every day or other methods like Subliminals and hypnosis. One of the easiest ways to do this is by the subliminal audios. They are highly effective in producing fast output in almost all cases. You can also use the subliminal booster or the law of attraction accelerator to get the output even faster.

How to tell if Subliminals are working?

It is true the mind is different for everyone and so are their experiences. This is the reason; you can observe similar patterns that most people experience at some point in time.

A slight change in behavior, the capability in making decisions and also various physical attributes that did not exist before running the program, is the most common sign that Subliminals are working.

Many people will tell their friends, colleagues and family members that they have changed. You will have more vivid, pronounced dreams. Even Subliminals offer you the tools that will help you to set and achieve your goals. Basically, you become the best version of yourself.

What Types of Subliminals Are There?

There are three types of Subliminals available:

  1. The sub-visual messages are the first type of Subliminals. These are the visual cues that flash before one’s eyes that only their unconscious mind can perceive. These Subliminals are used in television commercials for making the customers buy the product. These visuals are shown for 17 milliseconds. You can pick up these visuals.
  2. The second type is subaudible messages. These Subliminals have low volumes that you can detect within the audio source. These are found in the music, mainly when it is on the radio. The radio shows often take benefits of this type of subliminal and use them for getting across a message they do not want to say directly.
  3. The final type is also called the backmasking. It is the audio that one records in backward motion intentionally. When you play the video forward, it will show the embedded message within the audio system.

Can You Listen Too Much to a Subliminal?

If you want to know how many Subliminals you can listen to in one day, then we recommend that not listen to more than 5 separate subliminal programs in a day. Besides, this depends on your goals. If you want to get fast results, you should concentrate on the subliminal program one at a time. In real times, you can listen to the Subliminals throughout the day and night. There will be no harm as long as the Subliminals are made in the right manner. Most of the professionals do not recommend Youtube Subliminals.

You can listen to multiple Subliminals one after another. It is better not to listen to multiple Subliminals all together at a time if they are mixed. One example is that if you blend several Subliminals, solving various problems in life become very difficult.

You can even listen to the multiple Subliminals on the same topic one after another but they should be having different affirmations or they should be having different background music with the same affirmations. Hearing multiple Subliminals with same goals or desires is one of the best steps to achieve success in an easy way. Most of the people even do not get bored with the same thing. But hearing the Subliminals on different backgrounds will prevent you  from being bored and tired.

Can You Listen to Subliminals While You Are Studying?

Yes, you can. You can listen to the Subliminals while you are studying as long as you do not find them distracting you from your studies. In fact, listening to the Subliminals while you are studying can help you to discard the background noise and allow you to increase the focus on the task that you are doing.

There are several programs that will help in increasing your focus and memory that will be advantageous when to use whilst studying. With the help of Subliminals, you can also improve your memory and retention.

Final Thoughts

Even you can also do other things while you are listening to the Subliminals. However, you should check the subliminal beforehand. It is said that you should be careful while doing activities with the help of the binaural beats, mainly with the Theta and Delta waves.

You should look to hear most of the subliminal programs during the working hours. Also, you need to wear ear buds or headphones to have the full effect. You should play at a low volume to hear what is going on around you. Even at the low volume, your subconscious mind can pick up the positive affirmations.

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