Do YouTube Subliminals Work?

Have you passed by a store or a restaurant playing a song you had not heard before, only to hear the same song play in your subconscious much later? Perhaps, you have bought a product just because you enjoyed the jingle used in the commercial. You bought the product because you just felt “drawn in” by the message the song seemed to pass? That is how powerful the effect of subliminal messages can be.

The concept of subliminal messages (also called Subliminals) and its effect on the human mind was not discovered until recently. With advancement in technology, subliminals can be played using social media such as YouTube. However, the extent of influence of subliminals on social media (especially YouTube) has been debated for so long.

Most subliminal videos on youtube do work if they are made correctly and are good quality. Some youtube videos can be sketchy and either be poorly created or have no subliminals whatsoever, the best thing would be to check the comment section to check if there are any good reviews.

What are subliminal messages?

Before attempting to find out whether YouTube subliminals work (or not), it is important to know and understand what subliminal messages are. Subliminal messages are messages that are sent (and received) below the level at which our conscious mind operates. How do we know this level? The level at which our conscious mind operates in terms of senses (sight, touch, vision, taste and olfactory) begins at a point called Absolute Threshold Level (ATL). This level is the lowest point at which the mind detects a stimulus. Once any signal is passed below the absolute threshold level, the conscious mind cannot identify it. This is the basic principle with which subliminal messages work.

Subliminal messages go straight to the subconscious mind of an individual, picked up at that level and creates a subconscious response in the mind of that individual. You therefore find such an individual responding in a manner that is not usual or intentional to such a person. This probably explains why you cannot explain the reason you purchased that product knowing fully well that you will not normally buy it.

Subliminal messages are of 3 basic types, which include;

Subaudible messages

These are the more popular type of subliminal messages. Subaudible messages are statements played at a low volume underneath a more audible sound, usually music.

Subvisual messages

These are the visual counterparts of subaudible messages. They are visual messages that are flashed quickly at intervals of a few milliseconds. People don’t usually discern the messages, but the subconscious mind does.


You must have probably heard of this concept before; you just did not know what it is called. Backmasking is an audio file that is recorded in reverse in such a way that the message is embedded in the file and is not easily understood when played.

Sometimes, subliminals might involve visual content of a sexual nature just to enhance the appeal of the message being passed. I am sure a light bulb just came on in your head as you are beginning to understand the influence of subliminal messages.

Do subliminals actually work?

Some skeptics would be quick to ask this question. Some people believe that the extent of the influence of subliminal messages is greatly exaggerated. They postulate that subliminal messages are only as effective as the individual allows it. In fact, years ago, studies were published that stated that there was little or no effect of subliminal messages on the human mind. The studies mentioned that subliminal messages should be discarded in terms of its effect on the subconscious mind. This school of thought became mainstream up until recently when studies showed that subliminal messages actually have effects on thought and behavior patterns.

The result of further research has shown that subliminal messages are used in advertisement. In this research, it showed that individuals are more likely to purchase products that have been subliminally passed. Another research showed that people became more creative (for a short while) when they were sent subliminal signals of the Apple logo compared to the IBM logo. This is because brands create a certain perception that led to certain behavior that also influences personality. This is why users of certain brands act sophisticated. Brands like Apple, Versace, Gucci, etc, readily come to mind when you think of such a concept.

This effect is not just seen (or experienced) with brands. Subliminal messages using people also have an effect on the mind. One study showed that people became less averted to symbols when they were subliminally primed with faces of individuals smiling. In fact, the research discovered that this effect is much stronger due to the subliminal method of priming. More recent studies also show that even words that are passed subliminally have an effect with persuading people. The study showed that people become more persuasive when they are subliminally primed with certain words. This particular study used the words “to trust”.

All of these prove that subliminals actually have an effect on the mind, which further influences response of individuals to certain situations.

Are subliminals dangerous?

When the effect of subliminals are studied, you might find yourself wondering about the safety of these messages. Some people who are not entirely persuaded on the efficacy of subliminal messages might think that subliminal messages are dangerous. These people are more worried that subliminal messages might make them lose their self-control in such a way that they do things that they are not supposed to do. This is false however, as subliminal messages are extremely different from mind control.

Another reason why you do not have to worry is that your subconscious mind is so powerful that it rejects any message intended to make it lose control. Remember that the subconscious mind processes information at a faster rate than the conscious mind, so any message it does not understand (in form of mind control instructions) will be discarded. The relationship between the conscious mind and subconscious mind is interwoven in such a way that if the conscious mind understands and processes a message which the subconscious mind interprets differently, an unexpected outcome will be seen.

This is why subliminals should only be scripted by people who understand the power and manner with which the subconscious mind works. Scripting a subliminal message is important because it determines the effects it will have on the mind of people. The subconscious mind produces an equal reaction to the information it receives from the subliminal.

Beyond all these, you must note that if you are listening to a subliminal audio, there is a volume at which it should be played. Listening to subliminal audio messages at a high volume for prolonged periods can cause hearing loss. If you are photosensitive (or suffering from photosensitive epilepsy), you should not watch visuals with flashing images. This is because fast-moving pictures and flashes of light can trigger photosensitive epilepsy. Apart from these points to note, subliminals are not dangerous.

Are YouTube subliminals safe?

YouTube subliminals have become increasingly popular in the last few years. You have probably reacted to some of them, but as is typical of the subconscious mind, you did not know. Many YouTube subliminals are safe, both in listening and in usage. This does not mean that all subliminals are safe though. Most of the subliminals on YouTube have a primary aim which you can guess; to increase viewership. This is the main source of income on YouTube. This is why some YouTube bloggers will not mind posting subliminals with affirmations that can be dangerous when primed on an individual.

You, therefore, need to be careful and filter the kind of subliminals you watch and listen to. A good way to do this is by using the comment section of the video. YouTube allows reviews through video comments, so you will be able to know if a subliminal is safe if most of the comments and reviews are positive. If you do not find subliminals that are positive, you can also randomly ask for advice from the YouTube community. You will find advice from other subliminal message users and makers directing you towards a safe choice.

How do subliminal videos work?

Understanding how the subconscious mind works might give you an insight to why response to subliminal messages are fast. The mind has 2 basic parts in terms of responses; the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is majorly referred to as “the mind” because it is the seat of control. The conscious mind contains sensory awareness. It is with the conscious mind that we see, smell, think, feel, taste and make judgements. However, there is the subconscious part of the mind which is even more powerful. The subconscious mind processes information faster than the conscious mind, up to 15,000 times faster.

The subconscious mind makes up to 90% of the mind. Research shows that decisions are made in the subconscious mind at least 10 seconds before it enters the conscious mind. Subliminal videos use visual messages to reach the subconscious mind. They do this in two ways: subvisuals and embeds.

Subvisuals are images that are flashed across a screen in time intervals of milliseconds. These images are flashed so fast that you might not notice them. But the subconscious mind will.

Embeds, on the other hand, are fixed images that are placed almost out of sight in an image or video. Unless you pay close attention consciously, you might not see the embed. But you can trust the subconscious mind to take note of it too.

Many YouTube subliminals use subvisuals and embeds interchangeably in their videos. You should take note the next time you watch a subliminal. Or you might not even know you are; but its effect will be noticed.

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