What is the Difference Between Subliminals and Binaurals

The desire to better yourself and improve the overall quality of life is one that we all share. There have been several attempts at finding the ultimate solution to correcting bad and unhealthy habits and take on good and healthy ones. This is in a bid to live better and healthier lives. In the frantic search for answers, visual and auditory means have been introduced as ways to affect the subconscious and conscious minds and cause them to make changes.

You may have heard of Subliminal and Binaural beats at one point or another. But, what exactly are they?

Generally subliminals are auditory suggestions that people listen to so that they can hack their subconscious mind whereas binaural beats are frequencies that you can listen to which can manipulate your mind into  a alpha, beta, delta, gamma state.

What are Subliminal messages?

Subliminal messaging is the use of stimuli that operate just beneath the threshold of your conscious mind. To put it quite plainly, because these stimuli do not exceed the absolute threshold level, you almost can’t decipher subliminals. Perceiving subliminal messages or any type of message requires the message to stimulate your conscious awareness. Otherwise, recognizing these messages will not be possible even if you are on the lookout for them.

As a result of the fast-growing interest in Subliminals and its effect on your conscious awareness, it has sometimes been used interchangeably or in place of Subconscious influence. But I can assure you, the two can’t be further apart. To perfectly understand the difference, you should know that a stimulus can influence your subconscious mind without necessarily having to be Subliminal. That means, if you can hear or see it, regardless of whether it exists in your conscious mind or not, it is not subliminal. In that case, it is regarded as Supraliminal.

Let me help you understand this better. A Study was conducted to observe the influence of music on the sale of wine. The researchers recorded an astonishing result when they played several kinds of music in the store. When they played German music in the store, the sale of German wines skyrocketed above wines from other countries. Similarly, when they played French music, they made more French wine sales.

Now, examining these results, is it possible that the kind of music played influenced their behavior? Absolutely not. You know why? Because they were subconsciously influenced. But did they hear the music and realize they could hear the music? Yes, they did. Therefore, we can say the music could be described as Supraliminal and not Subliminal.

When dealing with Subliminals, perhaps the most important point to focus on is that you cannot perceive these messages consciously, even if you make an attempt to look for them.

Types of Subliminals

When dealing with Subliminals, there are three main types to study.

Subaudible Messages

These consist of audio cues of low volume that are often inputted into an audio source with higher volume. A good example is music.

Subvisual Messages

This involves visual cues that are generally flashed very quickly, within a few milliseconds, with the aim of making them unnoticeable.


This involves recording an audio message backwards, with the sole intention of playing the message forward to cover up the reversed messages.

Do Subliminals even work?

Of course, this would be the question on everybody’s mind after learning what Subliminals actually are, and rightly so. People have for years misunderstood what Subliminals actually are, and to date, not many people know if they work or not. Hang on to your hats as we attempt to answer your questions.

Several decades ago, most researchers on the subject of Subliminals would’ve agreed the concept was completely bogus. However more recently, the entire idea about subliminal messages is gradually changing. Researchers now believe that Subliminals can have a significant impact on behavior and thought patterns. For example, several researches have ascertained that Subliminals used in advertising can influence customers’ purchasing behaviors.

There are several other studies that support this claim. Some years ago, Researchers discovered that subliminally influencing people by showing them Apple’s logo, temporarily boosted their creativity.

It was discovered in another study that people became more positive about several ambiguous symbols, just after being subliminally flashed with pictures of people smiling. One other study showed that people being subliminally flashed with pictures of an individual, went on to agree more with that person afterwards.

A few researchers primed some people subliminally using the phrase “To Trust”. It resulted in those people being easily convinced about the safety of tap water consumption.

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats are two different beats that have two different frequencies. When you’re listening to a Binaural Beat through a headphone, both ears hear two beats at two different frequencies. However, after some time, your brain is able to process the tones and produce a single beat (like a third beat) with the frequency being the difference between those of the original two frequencies.

To support this, assume you’re listening to a tone with your favourite headphone. In your right ear, the sound you’re listening to is at a frequency of 140 Hz and in your left ear, the sound you’re listening to is at 120 Hz. After listening for some time, subconsciously your brain synchronizes with the difference in both frequencies, which is 20 Hz.

Often regarded as illusions of the auditory senses, Binaural beats usually are below 1000 Hz for it to be effective and the difference between both frequencies should not be more than 30 Hz. Additionally, the beats have to be listened to separately through each separate ear.

Binaural beats have been used in various fields, for various purposes. In music, it is often used to tune musical instruments like organs and pianos. In health, these beats have been used to induce a calming and relaxing mental state and, as a result, they are used to lower stress levels, boost concentration, decrease anxiety, improve relaxation, manage pain, increase creativity, and do many other things.

Do Binaural beats really work?

There hasn’t been enough research into the effects of Binaural Beats as we’d all like. Luckily, there are some scientific claims as to the effects of Binaural Beats as an auditory illusion and its numerous health benefits. A study involving 29 people showed that Binaural beats that are within the beta range, that is 24 and 16 Hz, can help significantly increase productivity in any task, and at the same time reduce negative and unproductive moods. This study also proved that Binaural beats within the beta range are better at improving performances than Binaural beats in the theta and Delta range, which is 1.5 and 4 Hz.

Another example involved 100 people who were being prepared for surgery. It was discovered that Binaural beats significantly reduced the anxiety that is usually associated with surgery. Using Binaural beats, the patients saw the pre-surgery anxiety reduced by half.

There was another case where eight people listened to a Binaural beat’s CD with frequency from 1 to 4 Hz for 60 days consecutively. After the 60-day experience, the participants noted that listening to these beats for the 60-day period improved their quality of life significantly and reduced anxiety.

Is it safe to listen to both subliminals and binaural beats?

There are increasing concerns as to the efficiency and safety of using both Subliminals and Binaurals. Well, it is safe to listen to a Subliminal message and a Binaural beat at the same time. In fact, most researchers believe it is safe and effective to listen to both at the same time as a combined recording. When using both Binaural and Subliminal together, the theme of these recordings should complement each other in order to provide an absolute life changing experience. It is very important for both Subliminals and Binaurals to have similar themes. For instance, if the subliminal message consists of positive affirmations regarding relaxation, calmness and relieving stress, you need to pair it with a Theta beat of about 6 Hz.

It is however not advisable to pair two Binaural beats together as a result of the mechanism of the different beats.

Can they be used to improve your life?

The major reason behind the use of Subliminals and Binaurals in most cases is the fact that when used correctly, they can improve life. These life changing components do not only make your life better by offering several health benefits, but also by equipping you with all you need to live the life you have always wanted. Here are a few ways Binaural beats and Subliminals can improve the quality of your life.

Weight loss

It is the singular desire of many people to lose weight, for various personal reasons. No matter what the reasons are, losing weight is never easy. Most times, people are unable to lose weight as a result of personal limiting beliefs which fill their minds and impair their ability to follow through. Using Subliminals with accurate weight loss affirmations will help you eliminate those personal limitations and lose the weight you want.

Binaural Beats can also help you with weight loss. These Binaural beats could be combined with amazing music in order to produce a positive change in your brainwaves. All it requires is a few minutes for the sound vibration to fully take effect. This boosts your self-esteem and self worth, thereby further helping you shed weight.

Quitting smoking

Quitting that smoking habit usually is a very difficult task to accomplish. Oftentimes, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to quit or how badly you want to quit, it just doesn’t seem possible. Do not worry, you can try this time and you will succeed, with the help of these aids, of course. In quitting smoking, you should utilize both Binaural beats and Subliminal messages. Specific Theta brain waves frequencies can be used to induce a hyper-receptivity state, where most subliminal messages correct every trace of self harm like nicotine addictions.

This Subliminal messaging activates the unexplored power and action your subconscious mind is capable of. This is because it includes a Theta wave Binaural beat frequency that can  stimulate states of hyper-receptivity and proceed to entrain your brain.

Increase Self Confidence

If you are one of those that suffer from self doubt and insecurities and can’t find any hope of restoring your self confidence, subliminals can affect  the change you seek in your confidence level.

Law of Attraction

Generally, the law of attraction stipulates that you will attract everything you set your mind to achieve. Therefore, in order to attract only positive things, it is pertinent for you to focus on those positives. In using Subliminals, your subconscious mind is influenced and this results in a total change of your beliefs that have limited you for so long. When these beliefs do change, you immediately begin to attract your heart’s desire and everything you search for easily becomes available to you. Subliminals are the easiest way to make the law of attraction work for you.


Subliminals are often used to create attraction and interest needed to build relationships. While in relationships, these subliminals help build healthy and productive relationships. It will help you learn how to care for your partner and be more attentive to their needs. This, as you well know, is important for the survival of any relationship.


There are several benefits of Binaural beats that relate to improved cognitive function and, by extension, improved learning. Binaural Beats can improve your learning capacity by increasing your ability to concentrate and focus, which makes learning easier. Also, apart from facilitating good sleep, which is crucial for apt learning, Binaural beats also help in the relaxation and reduction of stress which will in turn help you learn more. Additionally, with the right subliminal suggestions, you can also improve your ability to learn.

Which is Superior? Subliminals or binaural beats?

There really is no definite answer to the question of which is more superior between Subliminal messages and Binaural beats. There are several valid reasons to utilize Binaural beats and several more to use Subliminals. As they both have different methods of operation in achieving a better you, you can benefit from exploring both Subliminals and Binaurals.

In search for the ultimate self improvement method, a perfect combination of these concepts will have you living your best life in no time.

Are the results permanent?

In order to make the changes to your own subconscious mind permanent using Subliminals, it will require you to listen to the subliminal message for a period of 26 to 30 days. Additionally, the time required also depends on the person’s willingness to easily change. If you desire the change very much, you will get it. Continuous practice makes it stick. To completely reprogram your subconscious mind, it will take some time and repetition. Subliminal audios are one of the easiest and guaranteed ways to enjoy its benefits.

If there is any habit or part of your life you have tried to change, only to return to it after sometime, then you need to focus more time listening to Subliminal messages.

As for Binaural beats, the effects do not last permanently as most would hope. In order to get the best out of Binaural beats, it is advisable to insert them into your daily lifestyle by listening to the beats for at least 30 minutes daily.

Can you Listen to Binaurals and Subliminals while sleeping?

What is the best way to get the most benefit from using Subliminals and Binaurals? At what time of the day are they most effective? Several concerns about the most accurate way of utilizing them have become more prevalent, including whether you can listen to them at night, while sleeping.

Binaural Beats can not only be listened to during sleep, but it can also be used to improve the quality of sleep. A study consisting of several participants recorded a few notable results. This study showed that people who listened to Binaural beats while sleeping, especially with frequencies within a range of 2 and 8 Hz, for over eight weeks, experienced an improvement in sleep quality and even in their post-sleep state. However, people who did not participate did not experience any change in quality of sleep.

For Subliminal messages, the story is largely the same. Subliminal messages that play while you sleep are also as effective as the ones played when you are awake. In fact, it is recommended that you  listen to Subliminal messages while you sleep. The idea behind Subliminals being effective while sleeping might sound a little far fetched. However, it is a very valid concept. The reason is the peaceful nature of sleep; and its ability to take you away from stress and worries.

When asleep and listening to subliminal messages, the messages go directly into your subconscious mind, thereby going past your conscious awareness. This makes whatever affirmations the subliminal carries more effective, as your conscious mind is “asleep” and so can not register objections or overthink it. When the messages go past your reasoning and begin to change your beliefs, you may then begin to attract everything you desire.

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