Why are Nootropics Expensive?

Nootropics. Ever heard of them? Those “smart drugs” are seemingly everywhere. When they first hit the streets, there was tons of skepticism about them. It was difficult to comprehend. Like, I just pop a couple of pills and suddenly, mentally, I become the best version of myself?

There are various types of Nootropics, in the form of several drugs and supplements, they all do not come at pocket plunging prices. However, some particular compounds used as Nootropics can be quite expensive. These expensive nootropics are known to be extremely effective and last longer than usual.

What exactly are Nootropics?

Well, Nootropics is the term given to a class of drugs or supplements that has the potential of significantly improving brain function, attention, mental focus, creativity, mental clarity and many more while still offering the user a relaxing and excited mood. This is the reason Nootropics are commonly associated with students of colleges and universities who are under immense pressure from their exams or tests and desperately require an extra boost.

This unique class of compounds isn’t just restricted to students alone, CEOs of huge corporations, Career professionals and even intellectuals of various advanced fields can also get in on the action. One or two pills a day (occasionally, and depending on a doctor’s prescription), and for as long as the effects last, the users are equipped with unrivaled mental clarity and focus.

Nootropic substances could either be natural or synthetic, and they are consumed in order to get ahead in day to day activities. The amazing fact about these substances is that, they aren’t necessarily taken to get “high”, but they are taken for specific reasons, either Medical, academical or even social. People with a medical inability to focus or inability to finish certain tasks are prime candidates for a doctor’s prescription of Nootropics.

What makes Nootropics expensive?

Luckily, not all Nootropics can potentially be a nightmare to your pockets, some Nootropics are actually very affordable. Nootropics that come at a pocket draining price tag usually have purer ingredients and more potent formulas. To ensure you get good quality for your money, the manufacturers go all out during production. They ensure the products are tested by an independent third party in order to eliminate bias and produce compounds of high quality and purity.

Nootropics of lower, more pocket friendly prices do exist, but in the cheaper products, manufacturers have substituted much purer and potent ingredients for more caffeine. I am not saying, however, that just because a Nootropic is expensive, it will work wonders on your brain.

Everyone has very unique and special brain chemistry, so these drugs and supplements might work differently for each person. But you are more likely to get potent Nootropics if you purchase from a company selling products made from natural, purer substances and as a result are of superior quality.

Nootropic compounds vary in terms of purity and potency. If you were a consistent user, you would be able to ascertain that not all Nootropics can be graded the same. There are several reasons for this disparity in quality. In the manufacture of these products, there are several factors that can influence their quality and potency, and to a large extent, their prices. To avoid confusion, I have carefully put together some factors responsible for the differences in the price and quality of Nootropics.

High Quality Ingredients

Depending on the quality of Nootropics you are getting, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank. There are several affordable Nootropic products you can opt for, but if you really want the pick of the litter, you may need to spend a couple more bucks and rightly so.

To ensure you get the quality product you are looking for, you need to take a more cursory look at the ingredients used. The more natural and pure ingredients used in production of these Nootropics, the higher the overall quality of the compounds. Paying more attention to reviews of the Nootropic products is also very important. As we stated earlier, the overall experience people have with using Nootropics vary from person to person mainly due to the difference in the chemistry of brain cells. However, an accumulated consensus regarding a compound’s potency and whether or not it can give you the exact experience you want will help you in your search for the perfect Nootropic compound for you.

Some of the varying experiences you might have with the various types of Nootropics include a mental boost or a general soothing or calming feeling. Generally, people need Nootropic drugs or supplements are people who want products that work to eliminate mental fatigue and enhance their brain function. The ability of a Nootropic to achieve this purpose increases its pricing.

Refining and Manufacturing Process costs

The demand for high quality Nootropics is on the rise as consumers of these drugs and supplements continue to seek the most thrilling experience. This has led to manufacturers going a step further in the formulation of these products to meet consumer expectations. This, however, also increases the cost of refining and manufacturing. The relationship between product quality and manufacturing costs is one of direct proportionality.

In Nootropic product manufacturing, the phrase “value for money” is very applicable. Manufacturers of Nootropics that offer cheap prices for their products send red flag signals and should probably not even be considered for quality products. These manufacturers may utilize inferior quality ingredients, or “water it down” to be able to sell these Nootropics cheaper than it typically should be sold.

Why are high-quality supplements generally expensive?

It’s a common occurrence walking into a drug store, requesting for a particular kind of supplement and then you are offered what the seller refers to as “basically the same product”, but with two different price tags. One higher and the other way cheaper. Why do some supplements of high quality generally cost more?

The reason for this disparity in prices includes a number of factors, among which are; the ingredients used in production, the overall safety of the product and the depth of innovation behind the production.

Perhaps the most important reason for a supplement having a higher price is because of the individual ingredients used in making it, and the safety of those ingredients. Some companies utilize low cost, substandard ingredients for the production of supplements prioritizing price over safety. For some other companies, only the best will do. To ensure consumer safety they utilize only high-end raw materials in production even though this might imply a higher cost of the supplement.

Originality and bioavailability of the ingredients are also important factors influencing the price of the supplements.

The Patency of the ingredients used also can play an important role in its overall price. Patented ingredients come at a high cost. After years of innovation and research, companies can now manufacture products with higher quality. When companies use raw materials that are patented (easily identifiable with the ® symbol next to the name), the product may come at a higher price due to the need for the company to recover the economic capital that was invested.

What are the most affordable (cheap) Nootropics?

  • CaffeineCaffeine is the most widely used Nootropic in the world. It can mostly be found in coffee, tea, kola nuts, cocoa, etc.
  • L-TheanineL-Theanine is an amino acid that can be found freely in nature.
  • CreatineAlso an Amino acid, used by the body in making proteins.
  • Ginkgo BilobaHas several positive effect on the brain, can be gotten from Ginkgo Biloba tree.
  • NicotineOccurs naturally in many plants like Tobacco. It makes cigarettes addictive.
  • Panax Ginseng This naturally occurring Nootropic is gotten from a plant and used to boost function.
  • Rhodiola Rosea. This herb helps your body better manage and adapt to stress.

What are the most expensive Nootropics?

The most expensive Nootropics are not as commonplace as their cheaper counterparts. These can only be found in specific parts or pharmacies. Some others are only available on prescription and can only be obtained through direct orders. Examples include RitalinAdderallProvigilPhenotropilPiracetam and Noopept.

Are more expensive Nootropics better than cheaper ones?

As with everything else, more expensive Nootropics can generally be assumed to have been made with more high-end raw materials. But is this always the case?

Some expensive nootropics may not be as top quality as you may think. While the prices for these supplements are way up there, the ingredients used in production may be subpar. Some supplements (even the pocket draining ones) may contain “fillers” in place of some of the actual ingredients.

However, price in itself isn’t a good judge of quality. The perfect litmus test for the quality of supplements includes.

  • The amount and efficiency of the desired active raw materials.
  • The amount and efficiency of the inactive raw materials.

Also, in manufacturing cheaper Nootropics, much thought isn’t given to the originality of the ingredients, or its bioavailability. Conversely, high quality Nootropics are a result of ample research, and quality ingredients go into its production.

Is it cheaper to buy Nootropics in bulk?

As a result of quality Nootropics being expensive and almost unaffordable, consumers of these smart drugs need to find a way to lower the price to something their pocket can easily handle. Buying in bulk is one of the ways you can get stocked up on supplements for a very good price.

Who doesn’t want to save some money? This is the biggest advantage of buying in large quantities; you get good deals on prices without compromising the quality of the product. If you run a business, selling Nootropics, or you are just about to start one, buying these products in bulk can help you maximize your budget as you pay less for more. This also enhances money allocated to stocking up. In addition, buying products in wholesale gives you a wide variety of options as to how your business would operate.

Apart from saving money buying wholesale products and being able to choose from a wider selection of products, buying supplements wholesale also has additional benefits to your pocket. Benefits like reduced transportation costs can also win you over. As you may well know, buying a product includes the cost to get that product to you. Buying the products in bulk can significantly reduce the overall cost of transportation thereby saving you some money.

To be cost effective, you may want to contact the manufacturers of the Nootropics you want, in order to buy the smart drugs in bulk. You would be able to get high-end Nootropics for a more affordable price and still save more in transporting it to your location.

Will the effects wear off?

Nootropics that have long term effects may take several days or weeks to act and when it does it may be very different from the short acting Nootropics. Fast and short acting Nootropics tend to give you the mental effect almost immediately within minutes of taking the drug or supplement.

Generally, how long the effects of Nootropics last largely depends on several factors including;

  • The type of Nootropics.
  • Your Physical weight.
  • Whether or not you ate before taking the Nootropics.
  • Your Age.
  • Individual tolerance and/or sensitivity.
  • Half life of the Nootropic.
  • Whether or not the drug or supplement is fast acting.

It is also pertinent to note that several types of Nootropics can offer different experiences and last for varying amounts of time. Many people who are new to these types of drugs and supplements, often may believe it isn’t working. This is not so, as the drug needs to build up in their system first before the effects will fully come alive.

What foods can you find natural Nootropic ingredients?

Some natural ingredients that can be found in certain foods may have Nootropic characteristics. For those people who do not want to constantly take supplements, I have compiled a list of foods that can achieve similar experiences as taking Nootropic drugs or supplements.

Caffeinated beverages

Caffeine is one of the most widely consumed substances in the world, second only to sugar. Caffeine is contained in various foods like Dark chocolate, coffee and tea. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, and stimulants are also known for their powerful Nootropic ability (focus, energy and mental ability). Caffeine can be very dangerous. Constant use of caffeine can cause you to become resistant to smaller doses, thereby reducing its impact over time and leading to addiction.


An unlikely addition to the Nootropic list, Eggs have certain benefits we can’t ignore. These benefits may include an increase in cognitive ability. Eggs contain choline, which your body then converts to acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps your brain transmit neurons thereby communicating effectively. Eggs are also very rich in other important nutrients, including vitamins and omega-3s.


There are thousands of various mushroom varieties available to you- some of which include portabellabutton and other various edible mushrooms which you can pick up at your grocery shop. While some of them are proven to have nootropic properties, others are very lethal. In opting for mushrooms, consumers should be very careful, because of the neurotoxic characteristics of some mushrooms.

The lion’s mane mushroom (as its name implies) is a type of mushroom that shares similarities with a white lion’s mane. It is widely used in  Asia in both food and medications for centuries. This type of mushroom has several beneficial compounds proven to be helpful in various medical issues. It can also help relieve anxiety and improve cognitive function. Further research showed this mushroom has neuroregenerative properties.


All antioxidants are considered good for the body, but a few in particular like Resveratrol has Nootropic characteristics. When this antioxidants are formulated into supplements, it can be used to prevent brain deterioration. Dark colored fruits like raspberries, grapes, blue berries typically contain this chemical. It might also be found in peanuts, chocolate and red wine.


Who would have imagined that some spices we use for everyday cooking has more benefits than we know. When these spices are used in large quantities or constantly in small quantities, we may begin to experience Nootropic effects. Turmeric is regarded as a close relative of ginger. To use in the kitchen, the root of this flowering plant is ground to powder. In itself, Turmeric can’t really be classified as a Nootropic, but it contains Curcumin which has been proven to have beneficial effects on brain function and memory.

Green Tea

It really is not surprising that Green tea is included in this list because of its surplus health benefits. Green tea is equipped with L-Theanine. L-theanine is a naturally occurring chemical found in a lot of different plants. An example is tea leaves. So what is special about this chemical?

By nature, this chemical is an amino acid, and it works to assist with proper brain function. This chemical has been shown to provide the mind with relaxation and calmness, thereby reducing stress and boosting cognitive function.

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